Our Script includes all main features you need to run a successful webhosting service (free hosting or paid hosting). It comes with many important features like

  • Real-Time traffic and space limit
  • ads on the usersites (popUp, banner, layer)
  • webftp (or ftp through a module)
  • statistics (real-time)
  • Caching
It is testet on servers with more than 80.000 customers (and more than 5 terrabyte,5120 Gb!, traffic) without any performance problems. You can easily set up also Paid Hosting, this is done through our Paid Hosting Module. Your customers can pay by PayPal,Wire Transfer,... The Script includes a subdomain service, and comes with a huge admin area, that serves serveral statistics concerning ads, views, hits, traffic. You can set absolute traffic or space limits, so you can be sure that your server does not produce more traffic than you want. Also a cronjob service is included, which automatically repairs and optimizes the script, you can auto delete heavy users that only produce traffic but no ad impressions. The Script is completly multilingual, serveral languages like french, english, german, italian, russian, spanish, netherland, turkish, arabic are included. Most things in the script are done automatically, so you normally don't have any work with the script. You can also set up an email forward address like with our email forward module.
Customer`s Reviews:
  • "The Webspace script is very well coded and easy to handle. Can make good money with it." (John Ralm)
  • "I am really impressed by the script, it is very fast on my server (currently 3019 users) and i am making some money with it. Really is worth the money" (M. Dorn)
  • "I bought the script, and think that it is totally worth the money, really a good script" (Tony Demser)

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