FAQ - General Questions

Why is no ad shown on my users sites?

Please check the following terms, normally 99% of all faults are made there:

  • User is in the right ad category
  • User has right ad ratio (if you are not sure, insert 1/1)
  • Check... [mehr]

    The Stats on the mainsite and userlist are not refreshed/what is best value for setting caching?

    Best Value vor caching is 1, the setting is in hours, if you want to disable caching just set it to 0. If you want to get more script performance you can insert 6-12

    Mysql: Too Many Connections

    Search for my.cnf, and insert or edit: set-variable = max_connections=300 After this restart the server with: /etc/init.d/mysql restart

    Zend Optimizer?!

    Zend Optimizer is free tool that is needed to run the script. The Admin Control Panel and some Php Classes are encoded for performance issues. All Files that are used in the frontend are unencoded, and can be edited with... [mehr]

    No validation image on signup page shown?

    You need to activate the php gdlib in your php.ini file. To do so just edit the file: extension=gd.so Normally there should be an entry like this, but it is not active, you have to remove the leading "#") ... [mehr]

    Fatal error: Unable to read xxxx bytes in /userdir/file on line 0

    This error occurs when uploading the files in asci mode to your server, please make sure that you have selected binary tranfer mode when connecting to the server.

    Where do i find the licencecode and the serialnumber?

    You can find the serialnumber and the licencecode in our customers support center, the serial number will stand on the front page. The Licence Code is dependent of the version and the url, so you can find a licence co... [mehr]

    Javascript Error

    Nearly all javascript errors are caused by the missing include of the javascript file, it has to be added to your template: <script src="includes/javascript.js" type="text/javascript"></script>




    Board registration agin activated

    Our support board is now again available. [more]


    Board registration disabled

    I have registered a spam attacke at the support board. Therefore, I have the registration function temporarily disabled. Currently I am considering how to procedure with the current situation and then I will worked out a solution. For technical support please use the contact form. [more]