FAQ - Installation

Error: "Forbidden (403): You don't have permission to access

This is a typical error coming from the mod_rewrite modul of the apache.
Please make sure that in your httpd_conf there is an entry "Options +FollowSymlinks" for the directory the script is running in. If your are n... [mehr]

Error: "File not found"

This error occurs when the Server Name on your Apache is not correct, you can edit this by doing the following. Open the file server.php in the root directory of the script with an editor and search for this line: [mehr]

Error: "SAFE MODE Restriction in effect"

Your server has activated the php Safe Mode, our Script needs to have Safe Mode turned off to run. There is a way to get the script running in Safe Mode On, but to have all features and get no problems when updating your... [mehr]

Error: "User Subdomains not working"

The Subdomains can be enabled in the admin configuration, if you don't enable it, the user will get www.domain.com/username! If you have enabled this and the subdomains for the users are not working, there can be servera... [mehr]

Error: "Permission Denied"

Permission Denied is an error that occurs when you upload files or your users upload files and the user_web directory has not the right user permissions (or user rights). Make sure that the user-files directory (e.g. use... [mehr]

Userfiles are only accessable by user_web/username and not by domain.com/username

There can only be one reason for this error, your server does not interpret the htaccess files correctly, please make sure that you have uploaded the htaccess file and set AllowOverride All in your httpd_conf




Board registration agin activated

Our support board is now again available. [more]


Board registration disabled

I have registered a spam attacke at the support board. Therefore, I have the registration function temporarily disabled. Currently I am considering how to procedure with the current situation and then I will worked out a solution. For technical support please use the contact form. [more]