Error: "SAFE MODE Restriction in effect"

Your server has activated the php Safe Mode, our Script needs to have Safe Mode turned off to run. There is a way to get the script running in Safe Mode On, but to have all features and get no problems when updating your are highly recommend to disable Safe Mode. This can easily be done.

  • Confixx Server
    Enter Confixx with the Main Admin User, and select "http_special", select domain and enter:
    php_admin_value safe_mode off
  • Normal Installation
    You have to edit the http_conf manually, open the file with an editor, and insert this line in your vhost configuration. If you are not familiar with this contact your serveradmin to do this, or contact us to install the script for your:
    php_admin_value safe_mode off




    Board registration agin activated

    Our support board is now again available. [more]


    Board registration disabled

    I have registered a spam attacke at the support board. Therefore, I have the registration function temporarily disabled. Currently I am considering how to procedure with the current situation and then I will worked out a solution. For technical support please use the contact form. [more]