Error: "User Subdomains not working"

The Subdomains can be enabled in the admin configuration, if you don't enable it, the user will get www.domain.com/username! If you have enabled this and the subdomains for the users are not working, there can be serveral problems with the server configuration. Please check first:

  • Subdomains are activated in the script (it is done in the configuration in the admin control panel)

  • Wildcard Subdomain is correctly installed

In most cases the second point is not working properly, you get an error "404" when trying to open subdomains like "username.domain.com", this means that your Server is not correctly working with the wildcards.
Enable Wildcard Subdomains:
  • Confixx
    Insert a new subdomain named "*" that leads to "/"

  • Else
    You have to edit the http_conf file manually, insert the following in your vhost configuration:

  • ServerAlias *.domain.com

Editing the http_conf manually should only be done by people who really know what they are doing, if you are not sure, better contact your server admin!




Board registration agin activated

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Board registration disabled

I have registered a spam attacke at the support board. Therefore, I have the registration function temporarily disabled. Currently I am considering how to procedure with the current situation and then I will worked out a solution. For technical support please use the contact form. [more]