Requirements to shared Hosting / (ROOT) Server

Hardware / Access

  • Linux (Debian, Suse, Ubuntu e.g.)
  • min. 100 MB disc space (plus disc space for webspace accounts)
  • min. 128 MB RAM + 266 Mhz CPU
  • (ROOT) Server
    • PHP access for useraccounts:
    • Recommendation: min. 512 MB RAM + 1000 Mhz CPU
    • Recommendation: min. 10 GB HDD
    • SSH ROOT Access
    • MySQL ROOT Access

Apache Webserver (Prefork)

  • Version 1.2.x / 2.0.5x or heigher
  • Apache module mod_rewrite (configured for FollowSymlinks)
  • DNS wildcards for user subdomains
  • Recommendation: PHP as CGI module!


  • not until version 5.2.x (PHP 5.3 supported in Freehost-Script Version 3.0.5/3.1)
  • PHP Safe_Mode OFF
  • Magic_Quotes ON
  • Magic_Quotes_Runtime OFF
  • (PHP 5.2.x) Zend Optimizer not until version 3.3.x
  • (PHP 5.3.x) Zend Guard Loader not until version 5.5.x

MySQL Server

  • min. Version 4.x, better 5.x (according to ftp module)

Miscellaneous (IMPORTANT!)

  • You need a own TOP-Level Domain.
  • Don't use the Freehost-Script with a sub directory (Example: http// or with a subdomain
  • If you allowed PHP support for user accounts, you need more RAM.

Module Information

FTP Module

  • Linux or Unix Root Server
  • proFTPd FTP Server incl. Modules (mod_quotatab_sql, mod_sql_mysql)

Gallery Module

  • installed GD-Lib

In our customer panel can you find helpfull informations and all manuals to this requirements. We are happy to assist you with your installation, or accept it completely for you. It's not a problem, if you want to use Confixx, cPanel, ispCP, SysCP/Froxlor or other software, but it's not so advisable for your server performance. The use of Plesk is not recommended. Plesk has sometimes some problems with the Zend Loader and other configurations.




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