Terms (License Agreement) and Return Policy

License agreement freehost script.com, Marcus Merchel

The Software you got together with this licence is sold to you by
Marcus Merchel, Germany. You are allowed to use the software as a
licencee. Marcus Merchel reserves all rights, which are not explicitly
granted to you. The Files and Media you got are your property, but
Marcus Merchel remains owner of all rights at the software.

§1 The use of this software is subject to the following license conditions.
An offence against the license is forbidden and is pursued by the author
Marcus Merchel. With offence against the licence conditions the author
can take the licence back at any time, without refunding the purchase price
or other costs. The running time of the licence is unlimited.

§2 If you don't have acquired a copyright free version of the software, it
is forbidden to remove the copyright reference. The reference must be well
visiable at the end of each site of the frontend. If you possess a copyright
free version, you are allowed to remove the copyright on all sites but on the

§3 The Licence is only valid for one parallel installation (installed version)
of the software. With installation the script again, all previous installations
become invalid (illegal) and must be removed. For serveral installations
accordingly many licenses are necessary. If you have one copyright free version,
you are only allowed to remove the copyright in this installation, and not in
all other installations (licences) you own.

§4 You are not authorized to create copies of the software, whether in orginal
form or in modified form, to sell, publish, distribute, let and/or pass on.
You are only allowed to create one copy of the software for you private backup.

§5 As Owner of a licence of the software you are authorized to adapt and modify
the software on own risk. A passing on of the software is however in no case
allowed (§4). Furthermore it is forbidden to publish parts of the software or
the entire Script. If you want to pass on own changes, this is permitted only if
no parts of the software, neither text,pictures or code, are along-distributed.

§6 The Use of the software happens on own risk of the owner of the licence, any
demands in a controversy are limited (maximally) by the purchase price of the licence.

§7 The Author of the script can not be made liable for files that are created,
served, edited, shared and/or published by software. The Author is not liable
for the accounts, which are managed by the software, and is not able to access
or to modify them.

§8 The Sale becomes valid with transmitting the script by cd,by mail or by
transmitting the access information for our customers support center for download
the script and can not be recalled because the product is copyright protected
software. Return or reclaim of the paid money are explicitly impossbile.

§9 If parts of the regulations of the contract including these regulations should
be or become totally or partly ineffective, or if the contract contains a
regulation gap, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations or parts of such
regulations remain unaffacted. In place of the ineffective or missing regulations
the respective legal regulations step.




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